Friendly Solutions For Every EX-PAT Need

We are facing new challenges, friendly advice from those who know its culture,
bureaucracy and best-kept secrets can save you time, money and frustration.
FLF Japan Consulting Company offers a range of consultation and services to help ex-pets settle in and succeed: from finding a job or an apartment and starting a business, to bridging cultural gaps in international marriages or investigating spousal fidelity.
During an initial consultation for 5,000yen, FLF Japan will assess your situation and draw on its experience, contacts and resources to assist and advise you.
In many cases, this may be all that
s required. Afterwards, we can also offer services more specific to your needs or refer you to an appropriate specialist. 

F.L.F consulting helps with: 

           Affordable Housing ; No Key or Contract Fees
           Making resume in Japanese
           Explanation of Tax return
           Discount Furniture, Appliances and other items
           Collection of Unpaid Salaries and Debts
           Bridging Cultural Gaps in International Marriages
           Spousal Fidelity Investigations by Uwaki Sosakan
           How to start any kind of Business in Japan


  It all starts with a friendly confidential consultation. To learn more or make an appointment, contact FLF Japan. Often the best solution comes from talking thinking over with a friend. Lets talk.
F.L.F. Consulting
For More Information Please Contact :
 TEL: 047-381-4462
FAX: 047-381-6578