Kindergarten is an important part of every child
s educational development. Japanese and foreigners alike are faced with some hard decisions on where and how to raise their children. As parental involvement in the learning process is highly valued finding the right place and environment for childs early schooling is also a tedious process. We understand your concern in meeting these demands under the prevailing situation. That is why we want to provide you with the offer in creating a meaningful kindergarten experience for your child. Freeman Day Care N Kindergarten is part of our broader vision in serving you. Our motive is part of your dreams in inspiring your childs world with the best English Learning environment. We will ensure your child gets the level of care and social interaction with other kids at the same time attaining a high premium of satisfaction. We want to make sure that each and every child of this school comes out with quality education, motivated to be part of a global society and proudly representing their country-Japan or their country of origin. Admission is open to children of all nationalities. Freeman Day Care N Kindergarten main aim is to teach kids from 3months to 2 years old in our Day care, and kids from 2 years to 6 years old in our Kindergarten school simple daily English conversation 24 hours a day for reasonable monthly fee.

Admission Fee           15,000yen
Annual Fee  20,000yen
Monthly Fee  50,000yen

School time           24 Hours daily, Mon to Sat (6 days a week with exception of public holidays) Sundays: No school (Sundays are exempted to allow parents spend more leisure time with their kids)

Admission Age         3 Months to 6 years old.
In the Kindergarten, provisions will be made for day care service for kids as young as 3 months old
(our minimum admission age)

Our Beliefs as to Your Childs Education

We believe that we will run the right program to help your child become successful student. We believe that we can brighten your childs academic goals with the social preparations so that they will become well adjusted happy and comfortable with social life. We believe that we will offer the best and cost effective schooling in serving you. We believe that we can help your child with simple English conversation.

Our long term objective

2025 : Establish first Freeman International School to meet the timetable of our first graduates.

Freemans Day Care 'N' Kindergarten 
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