he club aims to provied support and activities for working parents,singles and friends of Freeman Labor Force.
Membership is also open to other foreign residents and Japanese who are interested in getting together more frequently through some of the interactive activities we will plan.

The General Motives

        1.  To create opportunities for working parents to connect and enjoy much needed support and interactions.

     2.  To provied consultation services in areas most needed by new comers.

     3.  To help parents enjoy social activities even when their kids have started going to school.

     4.  To plan weekly or monthly activities, play grounds, and serve as a way to infrom the membership when others have individual activities.

    5.  To help the membership support each other's children school activities such as sports festival, graduation, cultural festival etc.
In a way to reduce the feeling of being left out or isolated.

    6.  To compensate hardworking clients of Freeman Labor Force Japan.

This family club is a non-profitable organization that is primarily focused in providing appropriate services especially to help foreigners get by and enjoy interacting with others living in Japan.

For More Information Please Contact :
Tel: 047-381-4462

E-mail: office1@freemanlaborforce.jp