Hello, My name is Samuel Freeman.
I am from West Africa, Sierra Leone, Freetown.
I came to Japan about 24 years ago with a dream to do something for my country.

While living here I learned that I can also do something to help people around me, both Japanese and those from other countries.This is the reason why I started a company named Freeman Labor Force Japan Co.,Ltd.
I thank that we can have another year up till now and more to come.


Freeman Labor Force Japan Co.,Ltd.is a unique staffing agency dedicated to meeting all your labor needs by tapping Japanfs quality and committed foreign workforce. I want them to learn basic skills such as master Japanese language and the way of working in Japan. Our guiding principle is that society will continue to prosper as productive relations between foreigners and Japanese flourish.

I believe Japanfs world-renowned industries have produced successful companies that rightfully expect a committed hard working and compliant workforce. I hope foreigners are also part of Japanese team then they support their own family back home or in Japan. Moreover it will be great if they are the one to teach another foreigners who come to Japan newly. I want Japanese and foreigners put hands together and get understanding with each other. I believe we can make better world if we respect each other.

gHelp Oneself By Helping Othersh I will put more effort for foreigners to lay their own path for the future.
I'm truly thankful for Japanese companies, staffs and all those who support us. Slowly but surely I will move forward. May God Bless You All !!