If you have always wanted to know more about African hairstyles, haircuts and fashion, Freeman Labor Force Japan has great news.
Some of our African staff members that work at Japanese companies have a hidden talent - professional hair cutting and styling!

We now offer a private salon service to meet your fashion needs.
These talented barbers and beauticians have learned and used their skills in Africa. With our support,
they will blend them with Japanese technology and fashion to provide this unique service to you here in Japan.

FLF Japan’s private salon service is designed with your convenience in mind.
You can come to our location and have your hair professionally cut or styled,
or one of our experienced staff members will do it for you in the comfort of your own home.

You can also arrange to have your hair cut or styled at one of our staff members’ homes. It’s that easy.
One of our staff will cut or style your hair, with an African twist, for any occasion - parties,
business events or just to add something new to your fashion routine.

A salon staff member will provide an open consultation with each client about his or her fashion appearance.
We will help you polish the look you have - or develop the new look want. Please call to make a reservation today.

For More Information Please Contact :
E-mail: office1@freemanlaborforce.jp