Nursing Home

In Japan, the population is aging rapidly. In addition, the number of foreigners who live in Japan for the rest of their life is increasing every year. Recently Japan faces serious social issues such as single-old man’s death or caregiver fatigue.
To find a solution for these issues, we came up with an idea which is “Nursing Home”. But what we think about “Nursing Home” is not the one you think. Speaking of nursing home, you have the image of place for only those who need to be looked after. But ours is totally different. It’s for all people like you have nothing to do after the retirement or you want to share your hobby and experience or you want to have communication with different people regardless of age…and more.
We think it might be too late to be sent to nursing home after you get sick. You can prevent from those sickness by mingle with different people. Even you get old, you still have health and energy to enjoy your life. This is what we think about nursing home and it’ll be new style of nursing home in this world.

Fabric Factory

African fabric, the one African dye by their own hands is very colorful and lively. You can use it for many ways in your life. But it’s not known by many people yet. We want to increase its demand in the world by join together both African culture and Japanese skill. Now we sell African fabric through our website, for the next step we want to build fabric factory in Africa. It helps for local people to get a job, and make living for their family. They can also send their children to school. It will be continuous project not temporally.

International School   

We are thinking about School planning in English and Japanese to meet education needs. In Africa especially Sierra Leone, we use this school to teach languageJapanese, English also rules, culture, the way of living in Japan. If the one finish training course sufficiently, we can send them to Japan as a trainee. By using what you learnt in real field will help for them to learn faster. It’s important to put effort for human resource development.

Padi's Tokyo African Reggae Bar

It has been 7years since we started African Bar in Roppongi. It’s the place where Japanese or foreigners can make friends and exchange culture through music. We want people to mingle together and make some connection. For instance, use for end of the party with colleagues or wedding party and so on. To get to know people around you, you can use this place so that you might see different side of this person. It surely makes your eyes open. Especially it’s not rare anymore to have foreigner’s staffs in Japanese company recently. So it helps you to understand their way of thinking or culture too.
In addition, we sell African Foods. African food should be known by Japanese people. Many people here don’t know what African food tastes like. Many Africans in Japan want to have a place where they can eat their food.Hoping this bar will be the one for everybody to meet their needs.